STARS Program


Ripley County Ambulance District is proud to partner with Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital to provide Ripley County residents a new program to identify special needs children that may need future emergency care. STARS, which stands for (Special needs Tracking & Awareness Response System) will enable us to take care of special needs children by:

1. Identifying children in our area who have special medical needs
2. Meet with the parents/guardians of those children to assess and identify those children
3. Assess each child and develop baseline vital signs, determine if special equipment is being used, assign the child a unique STARS identifying number so that  information can quickly be reviewed in the event of an emergency.
4. Forward necessary information to central dispatch.
5. Schedule training as needed for employees in each individual case.
6. Maintain a file in each unit and at the ambulance base with numerical STARS information on each child that can be assessed quickly in the event of an emergency.
7. Followup with each family and child every six months to document changes.



If you are the parent or guardian of a child who would benefit from this free potentially life saving program, please contact David Joiner at Ripley County Ambulance District, 573-996-7551, ext. 203